"Thanks to Gwen Mazza’s insightful personal and professional development coaching, the Greater Rochester Enterprise team has transformed into servant leaders,” said Mark S. Peterson, President & CEO, Greater Rochester Enterprise. “We have created an organizational culture that breeds success for both GRE as well as the Greater Rochester Region.”

Mark S. Peterson, President & CEO
Greater Rochester Enterprise

"Gwen and her enSpirit team have taken our organization from a staff that was barely working together to a team - a team where all members are striving to grow the business and increase profitability while allowing us to assist clients better.  Increased confidence among team members has allowed the organization to reap the rewards that come from effectively delegating work and playing to strengths of those around you.  The amount of work being accomplished in our office absolutely amazes me!  Thank you, Gwen, for all your assistance."

Gerri Harrison, CEO/President
Ever Evolving Enterprises

“I retained enSpirit, llc. to assist in coaching my team, and myself, in order to increase our communication and work more effectively together. The insights and guidance that Gwen and her team provided helped us overcome serious challenges in our group dynamic. We identified ways to increase communication effectiveness. And, possibly more importantly, I began to identify aspects of my communication style that were actually destructive to team relationships.

As a result of the coaching and training we received from enSpirit, we became a much happier and more productive team. I heartily recommend enSpirit to leaders who are interested in improving the effectiveness of their teams.”

Steve Wershing, CFP

"We used the enSpirit team to put our entire senior management group through the DISC analysis. We expected a quality product, and it far exceeded our expectations."

Mark Aesch, CEO
Rochester Genesee Regional Transportation Authority
(800 employee, $110 million a year organization)

"I found the process extremely valuable to me and our entire team. enSpirit helped us see our communication styles and the importance of adjusting and/or recognizing the styles of others as we communicate in order to increase effectiveness. I highly recommend every team utilizing the talents of enSpirit...you will be better for it."

Gary Dill, Agency Field Executive
State Farm Insurance

"The enSpirit, llc. team assisted with the identification of the management team’s personal values. We then used these values to determine the values we felt best represented that of the company and would resonate with every employee. These values are the foundation of our culture. Through the work I’ve done with enSpirit and the Success Discovery Process, I have created a highly functioning management team. This team has created a culture which empowers every employee and has enabled Surmotech to grow, even in a slow economy."

Jerry Valentine, President

“Gwen - Thank you again for your assistance and guidance in helping us understand our work and home environments, and the factors as to why the staff works well together. Your attention to detail, your patience with clients, and your commitment to your field of work is commendable. Your explanation of specific circumstances, and your expert advice on dealing with issues, was followed through and practiced, which inevitably led to a successful end result.

The process has allowed me to develop and refine my techniques in client reviews, as well as in my personal life. We are all better off thanks to you!”

Henry C. Matheis, CFP

"With the help of coaching and going through the process of the DISC Profile, I have a better understanding of my strengths and weaknesses in my work environment, as well as my personal life. The interpretation of the DISC Profile produces a self awareness of my personal style and assists me in effectively communicating with my co-workers. The opportunity to work with a coach, who clearly has a passion for her occupation, makes this process a delightful and memorable experience. Upon completion of this exercise, I will have a stronger self connection to reach my potential and be the best I can be! Not only does the DISC Profile help in the working world, it also helps one grow personally in everyday relationships. Thank you enSpirit for inspiring me and helping me find my passion in life!"

Michele A. Rago

"Originally, I was a bit skeptical about working with enSpirit.  My business associate engaged enSpirit to help reduce the number of hours being worked.  During our first office team meeting, I immediately saw the value of working with Gwen Mazza and her company.  I find tremendous benefit in the work Gwen does, not only with the principal business partners, but also with the staff.

The process helps bring laser-like focus to our business' future, growth, and leadership, as well as helping us implement more effective communication styles with each other and our clients.  The tools and techniques enSpirit helps us implement have had a positive effect on the health and wealth of the business, team members, and our bottom line.

I would highly recommend working with Gwen and the enSpirit team!"

Faith Sigler, LUTCJ, CLTC
New York Life

"Due to rapid growth of our retail enterprise, we needed to increase the throughput of our surplus textiles process.  Cheri, being sensitive to the human aspects of change initiatives, introduced Lean Six Sigma methodologies and helped us double the output without adding any capital equipment or additional personnel.  With her help, the solution was created and owned by our employees, and it has been institutionalized in a manner where we do not worry about losing the gains!  The project also resulted in better team work and an increase in the team's pride in their work.  enSpirit's focus on people enhances the effectiveness of the lean manufacturing approach.  I would recommend Cheri and enSpirit to any company looking to improve their productivity."

Tim Giarrusso, COO

"enSpirit, llc. has helped our office develop into a more harmonious group. We are working as a team and have realized through the DISC Process that we are all special individuals who each have an important place in the office. Our working environment is now a happier and less stressful place to grow and achieve our goals."

Suzanne Cassata, D.D.S.

"The positive attitude and wellness-driven programs from Gwen and the enSpirit team have been an eye-opener for our division here at MCC. We have been, and will continue to be, repeat customers!"

Christopher Alonso, Financial Aid Office
Monroe Community College

"As both a Xerox manager and entrepreneur running my own business, I lead a busy life with a unique set of challenges. The ability to adapt and thrive in a constantly changing work environment is critical to my ongoing success. Gwen Mazza, the CEO of enSpirit, llc., recently helped me meet this challenge by taking me through the “DISC Success Discovery Process”. I was familiar with DISC; primarily as a tool used by organizational development “trainers” to provide feedback on communication styles. However, it was the unique approach of enSpirit, llc. that made the difference and allowed me to gain a greater appreciation of what DISC can truly do for a person when it is combined with effective coaching and analysis of its output.

While working with Gwen, I identified the changes I can make to my work and communication style and was provided ideas for doing so. These will allow me to be more effective in my professional and personal relationships. Working with enSpirit, llc. is a pleasure, and I gained a friend, trusted advisor, and coach in Gwen. The coaches at enSpirit, llc. surely know how to apply DISC to the benefit of their clients, and I am pleased to write this testimonial for Gwen Mazza and enSpirit, llc."

Michael Caceci, Xerox Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and Owner
Excellerated Performance LLC