Business Planning & Development

Strategic Planning

strategicStrategic Planning involves an organization’s development and implementation of a comprehensive plan which encompasses elements of the strategic thinking process; such as vision, mission, strategies, goals, and action steps dovetailed into a usable business plan. The business plan itself incorporates elements of critical goals categories, business planning goals, marketing plans, and much more. The comprehensive strategic plan is the “evergreen” tool of any successful business.

Succession Planning

Business Succession Planning involves planning for the smooth continuation and success of a business once the leader or key person leaves by choice or circumstances. Without succession planning, an organization that has experienced success can just as easily lose its momentum. The business grows because there is a leader with experience, drive, and ability. enSpirit, llc. will guide your organization through the succession planning process in an efficient and thoughtful manner.

Mission, Vision, Values, & Purpose

Creation of Mission, Vision, Values, & Purpose: The Mission, Vision, Values, & Purpose of your organization are the driving forces behind its success and allows individuals and teams to have direction and clarity. enSpirit, llc. will guide your organization through this process with various tools and exercises that allow for thoughtful and insightful participation in this crucial aspect of your organization’s development.