Coaching Tools

The Success Discovery Process: DISC, PIAV, and TriMetrix


DISC is utilized as a management, communication enhancement, team building, and job profiling tool. It is a process by which a behavioral analysis tool is merged with a self discovery process, resulting in a “doorway” of communication, decreasing judgment and increasing value.

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The Personal Interests, Attitudes, and Values Assessment (PIAV) measures the WHY of your actions, leading to an understanding of what drives your behaviors and the attitudes that move you into action. The PIAV report helps to illuminate your motivating factors and attitudes and allows you to understand the driving forces behind your decisions. It is often used as a key part of the selection process and is useful for hiring, coaching, and mentoring.

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Trimetrix is TTI’s premier product, which combines DISC and PIAV to assist organizations and leadership teams in benchmarking, talent selection, and performance management. It is a requirement that enSpirit, llc. coaches become proficient in all three TTI tools and obtain certification in these areas as part of their professional development.

Coaching from Within

This tool is designed to assist companies and corporations in integrating their profiling tools from the hiring phase into the organization's infrastructure. It is done by developing a high-functioning coaching atmosphere.  Leadership can truly serve the teams they lead through developing their own skills and leadership abilities.  This process allows for an enhanced on-boarding process, as well as an expedited integration and increased productivity within the workplace setting.

The Denison Model

denison-organizational-culture-modelThe Denison Model is divided into four traits (quadrants):

  • Mission: Do we know where we are going?
  • Adaptability: Are we listening to the marketplace?
  • Involvement: Are our people engaged, aligned, and capable?
  • Consistency: Do we have the values, systems, and processes in place to execute?
  • Inside each trait are three indexes, which describe more specific behaviors for each trait. These indexes will give the specificity that will allow for improving relevancy and actionability.

    The Link to Business Performance

    The Denison Model is the result of two decades of research performed by Dr. Daniel Denison. He focused on what cultural characteristics correlated with bottom-line business performance, such as profit, growth, quality, innovation, and employee satisfaction.

    denison2High scores on the stable side tend to correlate with measures of profitability, while strength on the flexible side tend to indicate high innovation and customer satisfaction. Organizations that are more externally focused tend to have high growth, while internally focused organizations tend to have higher quality, better operating performance, and higher employee satisfaction.

    The most successful organizations are balanced across all four traits. They have become adept at balancing the tensions of being both internally and externally focused, and finding the right balance between flexibility and stability.

    The bottom line is that you already have a culture, but is it working for you or against you? With these tools, you will be able to measure that culture, identify strengths and weaknesses, and then implement a strategy to make the necessary changes to close the gaps. Are you prepared to lead your organization through thoughtful cultural evolution and transformation?

    "The bottom line for leaders is that if they do not become conscious of the cultures in which they are embedded, those cultures will manage them. Cultural understanding
    is desirable for all of us, but it is essential to leaders if they are to lead."
    ~ Edgar Schein


    As a certified distributor of TTI’s products and services, enSpirit, llc. offers the most current and up-to-date tools to guide your organization through the Benchmarking process. You will be assisted in the determination of the behaviors, values, personal skills, and task preferences required for superior performance. enSpirit, llc. will help you assess the job and talent to find the best job fit.


    enSpirit, llc. will guide you through the process of analyzing the criteria that define top performers within your organization. By identifying the criteria that define top performers, a profile is developed that identifies behaviors and values that make them a success. This allows organizations to pre-screen applicants in regard to being a good “fit” for the position, team, and organization as a whole.