Recommended Reading

Jim Stovall - The Ultimate Gift

13723344Originally released in 2001 and presented at the International Conference of Financial Planners in San Diego in September 2005, the Author tells a great tale of “old and new” as a search for purpose and meaning through the life of Jason Stevens. The main character is the youngest in a family system about to inherit his share of a multi-billion dollar estate left to him by his uncle. It is a great read, particularly for those in the financial industry. It will equally captivate those interested in enhancing leadership qualities from the inside out. A quick read of 146 pages draws you in and helps you truly grasp the impact we can and do have on one another in our daily lives. Through Stovall’s direct and meaningful writing, you will gain a greater understanding of the power of choice each of us has, how responsibility is shaped, and how these two concepts truly create the legacies each of us leaves. I have recommended this to financial planners who have incorporated this as a gift to clients in their practice. In addition, directors and leaders in the higher educational settings, as well as young persons searching for the balance between wealth and health, have raved about the impact of such a thoughtful book. This book is definitely a must read!

Reviewed by Gwen Mazza

Cooper/Sawaf - Executive EQ: Emotional Intelligence in Leadership and Organizations

243 thumbIn 1996 Robert Cooper and Ayman Sawaf released Executive EQ, introducing and mapping out the untapped potential of emotional intelligence. It was the first loudly publicized book that began to define, and yet blend, the intellectual and emotional processes with scientific research. These individuals were able to validate the untapped potential of subtle emotional intelligence and show leaders how to unleash the human energy, purpose, passion, and drive that dwells within. By reviewing the “Four Cornerstones” presented by the authors, Emotional Literacy, Emotional Fitness, Emotional Depth, and Emotional Alchemy, Cooper and Sawaf forged a new pathway blending the world of work with emotional intelligence and health. Their efforts and work are a must read for any individual in any position in the world of work. I have found this book as an exceptional building block, pointing leaders toward a holistic way of work. Great for all! I would strongly encourage this tool to be used in conjunction with coaching since the depth of content is vast.

Reviewed by Gwen Mazza

Ken Blanchard - The Heart of a Leader: Insight on the Art of Influence

105402smUnveiled in 1999, this bedside book is just perfect for the individual who finds time an issue. It is easy to peruse early morning or late evening when searching for that moment of reflection. Using quotes to capture your attention and short insightful concepts, this book allows you to explore your key attitudes and actions that impact the lives of others. It moves you into exploring the importance of identifying the values you choose as a leader: excellence, integrity, courage, change, and much more. The Heart of a Leader is great to utilize as a management team building tool when your choice of culture development is to be nothing less than exceptional. Very quick, easy read! The kind you can pick up again and again!

Reviewed by Gwen Mazza