Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Coaching?

A: Coaching is “The Process of Creation”…in coaching, a partnership is formed in which the goal is to guide individuals and teams through a process of introspection and insight. Clients will discover their passions and talents, while learning how to minimize or eliminate internal and external barriers that may be blocking their ability to work to their fullest potential. Individuals and teams will gain knowledge and tools that will assist in clarifying goals and enhancing their skill, resources, and creativity.

Q: What is DISC and The Success Discovery Process?

A: DISC is a behavioral profiling tool utilized as a management, communication enhancement, team building, and position benchmarking profile. It is a process by which a behavioral analysis tool is merged with a self discovery process, resulting in a “doorway” of communication. This decreases judgment and increases value. DISC is an effective and proven means of assisting individuals and teams in gaining self-awareness pertaining to the “how” of communication, and it promotes wellness and cohesiveness among all team members.

*The Success Discovery Process is actually a system of three tools: DISC, PIAV, and TriMetrix, developed by TTI International, Ltd. and offered through enSpirit, llc. as a licensed distributor.

Q: What is PIAV?

A: PIAV is the tool we use to explore Personal Interests, Attitudes, and Values. It effectively complements DISC to assist individuals and organizations in their quest to achieve full potential. It allows one to gain insight as to the “why”, in relation to the motivation behind one’s behaviors.

Q: What is TriMetrix?

A: TriMetrix is TTI’s premier product, which combines DISC and PIAV to assist organizations and leadership teams in benchmarking, talent selection, and performance management. It is a requirement that enSpiritllc. coaches become proficient in all three TTI tools and obtain certification in these areas as part of their professional development.

Q: What is Strategic Planning?

A: Strategic Planning involves an organization’s development and implementation of a comprehensive plan which encompasses elements of the strategic thinking process. Examples include vision, mission, strategies, goals, and action steps dovetailed into a usable business plan. The business plan itself incorporates elements of critical goals categories, business planning goals, marketing plans, and much more. The comprehensive strategic plan is the “evergreen” tool of any successful business.

Q: How is enSpiritllc. different from other coaching and consulting organizations?

A: We believe that much of the difference between enSpiritllc. and other coaching and consulting organizations is that many of our coaches come from clinical backgrounds and are able to very effectively facilitate and guide the coaching process with skill and comfort. All coaches with clinical backgrounds have extensive experience in group facilitation, which is very beneficial when working directly with teams.

Q: How much will it cost?

A: The cost is calculated by the services that you need. Prior to moving forward with any work, you will be presented with a proposal detailing the cost and services you will receive.

Q: How long will the process take?

A: Because individual and organizational needs are different, the time frame involved in the coaching, consulting, or development process will vary. As our guarantee states, “We stay with you through the identification, implementation, and achievement of your goals and objectives.” Because of the expansiveness of our services, we maintain long lasting relationships with our clients, assisting them with various needs throughout their own personal or organizational evolution.

Q: How do I know if you are the right company for me or my organization?

A: We won’t know until we have a conversation. We firmly believe in making certain that our organization is the best fit for those who come before us. We customize much of our work to fit the specific needs of each client. Your first meeting with one of our coaches is complimentary and consists of much exploration and assessment. We want to be sure that the relationship is going to be one that results in achieving the clients’ goals. If we decide that we are not the best fit for you or your organization, we will help you determine where you may seek appropriate services.

Q: Are you available for coaching, consulting, and training electronically?

A: Absolutely! Our customer base is international, and although we prefer to work face-to-face, we are very comfortable working via telephone, Internet, and webcam.

Q: Who are the coaches and what are their areas of expertise?

A: Our coaches come from a variety of backgrounds, including clinical and behavioral health and corporate careers in management, sales, marketing, human resources, and business development. Many of our coaches are currently on staff with area colleges teaching in the areas of leadership development, communications, and stress management. We, at enSpiritllc., take great pride in the experience, integrity, and values of our team members. Each is personally committed to wellness, change, and growth within their personal and professional lives. We invite you to learn more about the enSpiritllc. team by reading their personal biographies on the Our People page.

Q: I've been self-employed for some time now, but I believe it is time to bring in some additional people. Can enSpiritllc. help me with this process?

A: Absolutely! We offer Human Resource services, as well as assistance with the creation of your company’s Mission, Values, Vision, and Purpose statements. We can take you through an in-depth process in regard to profiling for hire, benchmarking, and team creation. Once you sit with one of our coaches for your complimentary consultation, a plan will be established that will address the specific needs of your company.

Q: Do you offer Succession Planning as well?

A: Yes, helping companies and corporations plan for the next generation is part of our services, and one we would be glad to help you with.

Q: How do I get started?

A: It’s as simple as making a phone call or filling out a contact form on our website’s Contact Us page. A consultation will be scheduled at which we will begin to explore your goals and objectives, discuss your needs and your organization’s vision and mission, determine if enSpiritllc. can assist you, and then work together to design an effective developmental plan.