Lean Six Sigma

Here at enSpirit, llc. we can help you to learn and implement the tools of Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing. These methodologies are being used by both manufacturing and office operations to improve their performance at the same time as they improve the environment and job content of their employees.

Six Sigma is a statistical methodology and philosophy whose overarching goal is to reduce variation in a process and to find and eliminate the root cause, and by doing that, reduce waste and defects.

Six Sigma:

  • Recognizes all activities as a process
  • Recognizes all processes have inherent variation
  • Uses data to understand variation
  • Drives appropriate action to improve the processes

Six Sigma uses the DMAIC process for all projects:

  • Define the problem, its boundaries, and desired outcome
  • Measure the baseline of the current process
  • Analyze the data to determine the root cause
  • Improve the process to reach the desired outcome
  • Control the process so that the gains are preserved

Lean Manufacturing is a process and philosophy that looks to shorten the time from the moment the customer makes an order to the moment that the cash is collected. Or, for new product development, to reduce the time from the moment that the product is conceived to the moment that the product is launched.

Lean Manufacturing achieves these goals through removing waste (of time, of materials, of motion) and simplifying the process. Lean Manufacturing is based on three principles:

  • All activities should be focused on creating value for the customer
  • Everything can and should be improved
  • All waste must be identified and removed

Lean Manufacturing heavily relies on building a culture in which people are committed to removing waste and have the skills to do so. One of the tools used in Lean Manufacturing is the Kaizen (short burst of activity where action is favored over analysis and is used to resolve a problem or to streamline the process).

Possible topics of focus:

We offer training programs to help your teams master the tools of Six Sigma/Lean Manufacturing. (As always at enSpiritllc., no matter what the subject matter, our programs are based on using team building, respect for the individual, and creating trust.)

  • Statistical Thinking
  • How to Run a Kaizen
  • Collecting the Voice of the Customer
  • Process Control
  • Problem Solving Techniques
  • Project Selection
  • Measurement Systems
  • Experimental Design
  • Modeling

Consulting and Coaching your teams or individuals in the execution of a project and the use of the Six Sigma/Lean Manufacturing tools.

Setting up a Kaizen in which we can guide your team into streamlining its process.

Training or consulting on creating a streamlined process for new product development. This will help you launch your products in the marketplace faster and with higher quality.

Mentoring individuals in mastering these tools and processes.