New Product Development

Competing in this tough economic environment requires the competitive edge of:

  • New products and services with features customers love
  • Ability to create and introduce these products on short time lines

Never has company growth been more dependent on introducing innovative, high-quality products into the marketplace before your competitors.

Here at enSpirit, llc., experienced product developers are part of our team. We can help you improve your New Product Development process; from discerning customer requirements to introducing the new product into the marketplace.

Our Services Include:

  • Assessing your system and providing a report with areas of opportunity
  • Coaching and mentoring your people to improve performance
  • Providing training courses on various aspects of product development

Training Topics Include:

  • Project/Product Portfolio Management and Platform Creation
  • Phases and Gates Commercialization Process
  • Project Management
  • Design Selection Techniques
  • House of Quality
  • Benchmarking
  • Risk Analysis
  • Capturing and Specifying Requirements
  • Using Kaizens to Improve Your Product Development Process
  • Trade Trials and Beta Testing
  • Cross Functional Team Building

A special training opportunity is to conduct a two day event at the start of a commercialization project with a multi-functional team. Techniques are taught and used in the workshop to create the project charter and to initiate project planning. After the event, team members have a better appreciation for each other’s role and have begun to build effective relationships.