Gwen Mazza

gwenGwen Mazza, MS. Ed., LMHT, is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Master Addiction Counselor, and Behavioral Analyst. She holds certifications in Behavioral, Values, and TriMetrix Analyses, which are tools geared toward enhancing workplace environments. For over 25 years, Gwen has been serving individuals and organizations in the areas of counseling, coaching, consulting, training, and cultural transformation.

Gwen is a dynamic special business advisor and facilitator, with an impressive track record of success in creating high functioning teams through serving leadership development and attention to a powerful cultural creation. Her extensive experience in leading organizations through the transformational process is truly an art. She can be found providing executive leadership development and coaching to CEOs and executives locally, as well as internationally. She has guided many executives through major corporate transitions, working through succession planning, transformational corporate cultural creation, role clarification, strategic planning, and positioning.

Gwen has shared a unique system of employee identification, on-boarding, and cultural integration with some of the best known organizations. From model design, strategic planning, and small business start-ups to large organizational new team development, Gwen has a wide range of experience and expertise. She is laser-like in her diagnostic abilities, focusing on the areas of needed development that will benefit each individual organization’s bottom line.

Gwen is a member of the International Consultants Odyssey Transformational Group, and in 2012 she introduced enSpirit, llc. to the international coaching arena. Her unique blend of business skills, spirituality, and 25+ years of clinical experience in the mental health field has been touted as "the work of organizational cultural development that will move companies well into 2020". As a steward and guide of the "Corporate Cultural Crystallization" model, Gwen brings a remarkable, refreshing framework and mindset to businesses and the coaching industry.

Additionally, Gwen hosts the cable show "The Art of Transitions," offering the surrounding community an opportunity to grow their business and themselves through the sharing of her guests’ wisdom and life experiences. Gwen can also be heard on a number of guest appearances for Rochester's own "Eyes on the Future" radio show, sponsored by GRE on 1180 WHAM.

Personal Mission

To offer my gifts of grace, compassion, and love to guide those who choose.  The gift of unity through peace, interdependence, and self-responsibility; therefore being able to fully embrace the promise of "soaring" beyond any and all self-imposed limits in order to impact this world in a meaningful way.

Personal Values

Love, Grace, Authenticity, Kindness, Compassion, Reverence, Truth, Integrity, Peace, Faith, Fun, and Being of Service.

Unique Ability

I am a passionate futurist (visionary) and intuitive seer of human soul, igniting energy, optimism, and limitless opportunities in self and others. Creating and experiencing life out loud, through the process of faith and knowing.