Executive Coaching & Leadership Development Services

Svcs1Coaching establishes a relationship based on trust and collaboration in which the focus is on developing the abilities of our clients. Collaboratively, we will establish current needs, specific goals, and outcomes. During each coaching session, the coach and client will engage in dialogue that will allow emerging patterns and solutions to surface.

Coaching assists clients to unlock his or her potential through raising awareness, inspiring new ideas, and encouraging creativity.

Executive Coaching & Leadership Development

People are not all born with the same potential to lead; individual personal characteristics, behaviors, and values can help or hinder a person's leadership effectiveness. enSpirit, llc. offers services and programs geared toward developing leadership competencies to assist individuals to identify, develop, cultivate, and expand their leadership effectiveness. We will focus on the individual, as well as the interpersonal linkages between the individuals in the team. It is our belief that the most important resource that an organization possesses is its people. This is why we focus on the development of these resources.

Serving Leadership

The Serving Leader is the basis of enSpirit, llc.'s Leadership Development philosophies. During your Leadership Development process, you will be guided through the 5 Powerful Actions that will transform your team, your business, and your community. This will involve a thoughtful and introspective process geared toward identifying and increasing the leadership potential within your organization. It is based on the principles within The Serving Leader by Ken Jennings and John Stahl-Wert.