Project Management

Project Management can mean the difference between success and failure in projects big or small. If a project is worth doing, it’s worth using Project Management to get it done right.

Project Management is the use of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to:

  • Identify project requirements
  • Address the various needs, wants, and expectations of stakeholders
  • Balance the competing project constraints of:
    • Scope
    • Quality
    • Schedule
    • Budget
    • Resources
    • Risk

in order to deliver the project on time, on budget, and meet the expectations of the customer.

The process of Project Management includes: 

  • Initiating the project
  • Planning the project
  • Executing the project
  • Setting up change controls
  • Closing out the project

Here at enSpirit, llc., we have a certified Project Management Professional, who can help you in a variety of ways:

  • Consulting: we can step in and run a project for you from start-to-finish, or anything in between
  • Coaching and Mentoring: we can assist your project manager to run a project while improving their project management skills
  • Trouble-shooting a problem which is hanging up an important project
  • Providing Training on Project Management, including:
    • Uses of Phases-and-Gates
    • Initiating a Project
    • Planning
    • Work Breakdown Structures
    • Risk Management
    • Building and Managing a Schedule
    • Estimating and Managing a Budget
    • Scope Control
    • Change Control
    • Team Building
    • Communication Strategy and Skills
    • Problem Solving
    • Closing a Project