Streamlining Services

chartsWhether your business is manufacturing a product or providing a service, you have many processes that make that business work. Whether the process that you need to improve is on the manufacturing floor or in the office, we can help you streamline -- to speed up the process, reduce errors or defects, and most importantly, improve customer satisfaction.

Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma works on reducing the time between when the customer places an order and when the cash is collected. It works as well on office practices as it does on manufacturing processes. Many times dramatic gains (such as 50% improvement) can be made using Lean Six Sigma to streamline your process. This is also a great technology for reducing errors/defects and improving yields. All this improvement results in major cost reductions.

Project Management

Project Management is what allows projects to deliver the right product, to be on budget, and on time. If this doesn't describe how projects deliver in your company, we can help you transform your project management process. Projects are the lifeblood of all progress. Make sure you are getting your money’s worth from your projects.

New Product Development

New Product Development is the life-blood of most companies. New products are the way that you distinguish your company from your competitors, how you excite customers to buy from you, and what gives you the right to charge more for your product. However, if you don’t create the right products on a light-speed schedule and with little or no customer service issues, then you probably missed the window you were shooting for. We have highly experienced professionals who have commercialized many cutting-edge products. Let our experience help streamline your product development.