Team Building, Development, & Cultural Transformation

Team Building

teamResearch consistently shows that a team will produce better results than an individual. But it is each individual’s contribution that produces the team result. The following are some questions to consider:

  • How is your organization performing?
  • Do you have a strong team culture?
  • Do you focus on both individual and team development?

enSpirit, llc. can assist you in the creation and development of high performance, results driven teams. We realize that no two companies are exactly the same; therefore, we will customize services based on your organization’s specific needs. We will utilize a variety of tools and services to enhance the effectiveness of your team, thereby improving performance. Team building refers to the selection, development, and collective motivation of results-oriented teams. Your team will be involved in a process of “team assessment” in order to gauge the team’s effectiveness and thereby improve performance.

The following are some examples of possible topics of focus:

  • Clarifying goals, building a foundation of trust among team members, and focusing on becoming a results-oriented team
  • Identifying the inhibitors to teamwork and removing or overcoming them, or if they cannot be removed, mitigating their negative effect on the team
  • Assessing your team’s current strengths and weaknesses
  • Identification of each team member’s strengths and building on those strengths
  • Identification of gaps between the desired state and the actual state
  • Identification and implementation of a gap-closure strategy

Team Creation & Development

metaphor-team creationThe thoughtful creation and development of a team increases the potential for a team’s efficiency, productivity, and willingness to trust and communicate effectively. enSpirit, llc. will guide your organization through the creation and development of a highly effective team utilizing Benchmarking, Profiling, and creation of Mission, Vision, Values, & Purpose.


As a certified distributor of TTI’s products and services, enSpirit, llc. offers the most current and up-to-date tools to guide your organization through the Benchmarking process. You will be assisted in the determination of the behaviors, values, personal skills, and task preferences required for superior performance. enSpirit, llc. will help you assess the job and talent to find the best job fit.


enSpirit, llc. will guide you through the process of analyzing the criteria that define top performers within your organization. By identifying the criteria that define top performers, a profile is developed that identifies behaviors and values that make them a success. This allows organizations to pre-screen applicants in regard to being a good “fit” for the position, team, and organization as a whole.

Mission, Vision, Values, & Purpose

Creation of Mission, Vision, Values, & Purpose: The Mission, Vision, Values, & Purpose of your organization are the driving forces behind its success and allows individuals and teams to have direction and clarity. enSpirit, llc. will guide your organization through this process with various tools and exercises that allow for thoughtful and insightful participation in this crucial aspect of your organization’s development.

Cultural Transformation

Every organization has a culture. The question is whether your organization’s culture is supporting or hindering the ability to achieve its strategies and goals, and the ongoing transformation into a high-performance organization. Do you know how to manage your culture and how to pinpoint areas that need to be enhanced?

We, at enSpirit, llc., have recently incorporated a tool (Denison Model) that effectively assists companies in assessing and evaluating how effective their cultural environment is at reaching their desired performance level. Through a short sixty question survey, companies and individuals are able to obtain an accurate analysis concerning the four major traits as defined by the Denison Model. This tool benchmarks your organization’s performance with the scores of over 1000 other organizations. It highlights where your company may be struggling and targets one of twelve key indexes as to truly identify where your company’s money, time, and energy needs to be focused. Especially in this time of tight economics, the Denison Model takes the guess work out of where companies and organizations need to focus their investments.